Top Fears You Must Overcome as an Entrepreneur

entrepreneurFor entrepreneurs, starting from scratch can be both frightening as well as exciting. As an entrepreneur, you are faced each day with a lot of decisions to make, whose outcomes are uncertain. It is the same situation I faced when I wanted to start Pressure washing services in Fredericksburg. The fear for the unknown can make or break you. Fear can mean the difference between living an average life or living a life that many would like to emulate.

Here are some of the fears every entrepreneur should aim at avoiding.

Fear of Change

Change of any type can be threatening or even frightening. Normally, our brains are programmed and coordinated to avoid change. It is a natural instinct to seek comfort and security.  The reason we seem to resist change is because it poses a threat to the status quo. Moreover, complacency can keep us comfortable from taking action and moving forward. The fear of change makes us anxious about the future and will certainly make us adopt a closed mindset. The truth is that we can’t avoid change forever. We need to find ways to embrace and accept change, as well as innovation.


Fear of Failure

failureFailure can be viewed as the worst of all possibilities. When we think of failure, we think of some sort of unbearable embarrassment and the associated anguish of losing everything we have spent our time building. When failure happens, we tend to believe that all those who doubted us were right. Whenever you want to do something, ask yourself if 10 years from now, you will regret not taking an action. When you have to implement something that is tough, develop a plan B that can get you off the ground and kicking.


Fear of Knowledge

It is not a rocket science that you don’t know what you don’t know. We all have blind spots and gaps in our acumen, business-wise. When you are aware of different things, you are better placed to take necessary steps that can help you in mitigating those gaps. If by any chance you are worried you are missing on some sectors in business, start by doing what is right, and what can help you to rectify the situation. You should not be afraid to ask for help and guidance from mentors and others who have made it.


Fear of Unknown

Fear of the unknown can be a tough one to deal with. We are naturally afraid of being in a situation whereby we can’t manage outcomes. Our bodies do not want to be in a situation of taking massive leaps on things that we are uncertain about their outcomes. The unknown normally has an effect on our overall performance. We are also faced with the fear of committing to business expenses. You need to develop a business plan and set clear goals and objectives. You should also avoid the fear of taking risks. Every time we take risk, we put ourselves or business in a line of reputation. A risk can pay off, if well managed.





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