How to use Press Release as a Marketing Tool

Public relations and communication have been deeply rooted in academic disciplines and corporate functions for a long time. All major companies and organizations have a leading strategic focus of positioning their brand in from of the media and getting their message out there. Small companies and entrepreneurs have been a little reluctant in using PR as a marketing tool, particularly because of the feet that come with associating with the press. Companies such as Ocoee towing service have succeeded in the right use of press releases to communicate their products and services to their customers.

When used in the right manner, PR can be a great marketing tool for marketing products and services.

PR Credibility

It can be a big problem for a company to be big but receives no credibility or recognition. There is always a connection between image and exposure and it is always a good thing for a company to be visible within its market. When a company is very visible, it gets the advantage of attracting customers and keeping its employees.

Public relations can be one of the most effective ways to communicate your values to your target audience and market. PR has the credibility that advertising tools don’t have. It provides a positive perception that advertising campaigns can exploit. The high credibility it has is as a result of being independent media and presents your news and stories as ordinary editorial content. News is delivered by a journalist and not your company. People tend to have a higher degree of belief in what they read in newspapers and magazines, as compared to adverts that are placed on TVs and radios.

PR Tools

A good PR story could be based on;

There are different PR tools and other communication tools you can use to enhance communication in your organization. As compared with advertising, PR is a relatively cheap tool for exposing your company products and services to your potential clients and customers. It is a great tool for strengthening your corporate profile and showing the work your company does.

– News about new orders

– New products

– The relaunch of old products

– Financial performance

– Market trends

Before you can throw your company into the whole world of media, you need to carefully consider what you will be telling the press. What will be your story about and who is your target? How do you intent to connect with your audience and what channels or media do they access your story on. It is important to put yourself in the shoes of a journalist. Journalists have a tendency of choosing their stories based on several criteria which their story must always meet.

You also have to be cautious about the information you publish on different presses. The language and tone used must be journalistic. Additionally, information published must be free of biased and be verifiable. All claims must be appropriately backed up to avoid creating a situation whereby you cause a lot of confusion and unnecessary buzz to your followers.

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